GeekCV - Intelligent CV generator

Great experience is appreciated. The resume is your canvas.

Create as many resumes as you see fit. You can add up to 15 elements to each section of the resume, such as: education, experience, certification, project, etc...

Ideal for IT-specialists: developers, UX/UI designers, DevOps engineers

Thanks to API integration with StackOverlow and GitHub statistics and badges.

Unlimited CVs

You are not limited by the number of CVs you create, as is the case in other services.

Personal page

Collect all the information about your professional activities in one place and show yourself to the whole world

Export to PDF

You can export any resume to a PDF file. The file name will contain the name and date of the last update of the resume.

GitHub & Stack API

We made friends with StackOverflow and GitHub API to show stats from your profiles

Work in Progress:

Domain name system

Custom 3-rd level subdomain for your profile or resume. Or link your 2-nd level domain to your profile. This functionality will be implemented in the future.

Pro E-mail

Custom E-mail addresses for your 3-rd or 2-nd level Domain name. This functionality will be implemented in the future.




3-day Personal Pro trial
Unlimited resumes
Upload your photo
Direct link to any resume
Download resume as PDF

Will be available later:

More PDF themes
Add social networks' links
Change cover image of your resume

Personal Pro


per month

Everthing in Personal, plus
Show your GitHub repos
Show StackOverFlow stats
Ability to change resume privacy

Will be available later:

Dark theme for resume profile
Pro email with custom domain
Create subdomain for resume
Link your custom domain name

Who we are

Bakhti Baymukhamedov

CEO, Full Stack Developer
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